October 2020 News

It has been a quiet time at the home over the last few months, so not a lot of news to report. However the best news is that we have been able to keep COVID19 at bay throughout the pandemic and all current residents are well!

We have had one gentleman join the home recently bringing our numbers to 10 residents and nearly full occupancy. Unfortunately, though, Annie Ryecroft, who recently moved to Arden House, sadly passed away. Annie loved Tannerswood and it was a great hardship for her to leave. She will be missed by us all.

We have now created a formal list of folk expressing an interest for a place in the future. Abbeyfield Tannerswood goes from strength to strength

Naturally we have taken strict precautions during the pandemic, minimising entry inside the house to essential direct and support staff, and have only been easing lockdown gradually. Early summer, we set up a dome gazebo in the garden, with open sides for good ventilation but still providing a rain shield for 1 to 1 visits from relatives. However, we have been able to hold some limited events during this time:

  • August saw one of our first events for residents outside the home; we gathered to enjoy an “eat out to help out” meal at the Royal Oak

  • John Noonan has been regularly singing on Wednesdays at the home

  • We have had 2 small gatherings for BBQs in the garden

  • Kelly Hallet, our new assistant manager who joined us in March, has been organising various in – house entertainments

Tannerswood members and tannerswood.online has been running for nearly a year! We asked members to join residents at no cost for up to 2 lunchtime meals, but COVID19 has not made this possible for much of the year. It has also stopped us holding the summer party and other community events at the house, to which we would have invited you, our members, to attend.

Therefore when you receive an individual email from us inviting you to refresh membership (as it comes up for renewal), we will not be asking for a subscription this year. The subscription would normally support events and members lunches, but we have not spent much of this budget in the past year. There will be an opportunity to make an on line £10 donation on line to top up budget for next year’s activities if you wish, but stress that this is completely voluntary. This year’s no cost membership for existing members comes with the same benefits; invites to our events, email news briefs and vouchers for lunches with residents, which you can download with your membership card when you follow the email link to refresh membership. 

We hope that with a reduced risk and new vaccines/treatments for the virus, we will be active once again with events and gatherings at the house next year. We value everyone in our membership and have greatly missed seeing you during these hard times.

Best regards

The Trustees