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Why do we need members?

Our members have a say in how Tannerswood is run and who runs it. Our society needs members to elect Trustees; this is part of the governance as set out in our Articles of Association. We also need members to get involved with what we are doing and to make sure we are running the society well!

We ask for a £10 subscription to become a member. This subscription helps us provide extra support and activities - like the summer garden party each year and gatherings at Christmas.

Why become a member?

This is a way of getting involved and supporting what we are doing. As a member, we keep you informed about the house through quarterly newsletters which ensures that we let you know about forthcoming events at the house, since as part of the sign up you will inform us of your address and email which we (securely) store for our regular communication.

We also invite you to join us for lunch on occasions throughout the year. As part of the membership, you are entitled to join us two times a year at no charge- just email the house or drop in the office to book a date. Alternatively, as long as you give us a couple of hours notice, we can generally accommodate an extra one on the day. Please do make use of the free meal entitlements- it is a good opportunity to meet and talk to the residents and get to hear how the house works for them. 

Members have voting rights and have a say on how the charity is run. Each year, we run an AGM to which all members are invited. At this time members can nominate new trustees and give a confidence vote to the existing trustees, their activities and their stewardship of the home.

We also invite members to let us know of skills and capabilities that they could offer to support the home, it's running and it's activities.

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